Slavery, Race, and Memory Project Grant Funding

The Slavery, Race, and Memory Project is a project designed to guide the research, preservation, and communication accurately depicting the institution of slavery in the United States, and the University’s relationship to slavery and its implications across WFU’s history. The aim is to learn from the full truth of our past, take action to address past and present inequities in our community, and make our learnings available to other institutions and the public. The project aspires to be an intensive and sustained effort involving a series of conferences, public conversations, national speakers, artistic and cultural performances that will run through the 2019-20 academic year. 

Faculty Course Enhancement Grant

The SRMP will award grants to support University faculty to enrich existing courses that examine universities and their relationship to slavery and enslaved persons. These grants will also support courses that examine the role that universities played during the Jim Crow era and relationships between universities and their neighboring communities in the modern era. These grants will be available to faculty in the College or our Professional and Graduate Schools. Course enhancements might include travel to a historical site, funds for a special speaker for a course, tickets/transportation to off-campus events, etc. Course enhancement grants may not exceed $750.

Campus-Wide Engagement Grant

The SRMP will award grants for students, staff, and faculty to develop and host programs, mini-symposia, lectures, and other opportunities on campus related to the mission of the project. The goal would be to spur collaborative, interdisciplinary projects that would pilot new ways of integrating scholarly research related to slavery, race, and memory into campus life and culture, as well as inspire more students and faculty to become interested in these subject areas. Campus-wide engagement grants may not exceed $1000.00.

Please note: Applications must be received 4 weeks  prior to event and/or program date to be considered.

Guidelines for SRMP Grants

  • Applicants must be Wake Forest University students, staff or faculty.
  • Some proposals will be funded in full, others in part.
  • Proposals may call for symposia, multi-day conferences, speakers, performers, artists, etc.
  • Proposals may request funding for equipment, marketing, venues, transportation and other materials or fees etc.
  • The funding range does not include an outside-speaker honorarium. If your proposal involves one, please make a note in your application for review.
  • Students may apply individually or as leaders of student organizations.
  • Faculty and staff may apply individually or on behalf of a department, center, institute, program, etc.
  • Preference in grants will be shown to unique proposals that achieve the goals of the SRMP and are open to all members of the Wake Forest community.


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